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    The ROM installer that you use to put nes roms on your treo, does it make a .prc and if so where is it on the comp? I would like to just have the roms as .prcs and is it possible to just hotsync over a rom that has been converted to .prc and have it work on NESeM? Thanks.
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    nevermind i found it... It automatically makes a pdb in the same directory.
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    I have them on the SD card but they don't show up in NESeM?...
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    I put all my .nes files in a NesEM folder on my SD card and they show up fine.
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    I'm still waiting for KalemSoft to fix the issues in 1.7. Thank goodness I saved my copy of 1.6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treojunkie
    I put all my .nes files in a NesEM folder on my SD card and they show up fine.
    cool it worked but it says VFS error.
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    hello i have tons of Roms over 50+, however i cant seem to get them to work on my sprint CDMA 650, i have NESem installed the app shows up but the games dosent, the roms on the Sd card but they want show up, i tried to sync them up "it will say to sd card" but they will sit in the window and will not move to the card. Im on Mac os 10.3.9, can someone please help. also with the rom installer is there something for a mac conversion.
    can some one send it to me? thanks for your time

    i also have all the other roms and emulators but same deal what am i doing wrong, thanks a million
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    i figured it out just put the roms in a folder called NESem just as "treojunkie" stated above it works great, thanks!

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