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    My T600 has been fine since I got it late last year. But lately I've noticed two things:

    1) When taking a pic with the camera, it's been taking MUCH longer to save it to the SD card. The "save" thermometer used to go very quickly. Now it takes about 5 seconds.

    2) Ditto for voice memos saved via PAR (Personal Audio Recorder) to SD card...the audio quality has gone from A-1 to staticky.

    The SD card is SanDisk 256MB but has only about 1-2MB used up. The T600 has tons of memory left as well.

    Is this a hardware problem or is my SD card wearing down? It's only 5 mos. old.
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    Did you ever figure this out? I have the T650 with a SanDisk 1GB SD Card, but am having very similar problems...any info is greatly appreciated!

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