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    Does this game play on the 650 because I know it does not work on the 600.
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    Works Great on 650, even from SD card.
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    Certainly does - got it on the UK Orange "Try Card" and now addicted. Have gone way over the 10 "free" games so have to wait ever longer now before each game, so I really must get round to paying and registering it!
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    I have it running on my 650 as well. It looks very nice.
    I even have the first version installed as well.
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    I have been running Bejeweled2 from my card, and tonight I get a 'Not enough memory' error, Error 997070. It further reads "..., you need 2047K but only have 1798K available." I tried moving the app from the card to the internal memory, same message.

    My internal memory still shows 4.2M free, same as yesterday. The only difference is I installed Chattermail last night to test it.

    Any thoughts?


    (Running a Verizonized Treo 650)
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    Try soft resetting your Treo. Might also want to do a forum search for DB cache tool, sound like it may help.
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    Thanks! I tried the soft & warm resets, no luck. The problem seemed to fix itself when I uninstalled Chattermail. I don't see how the two were related, but I'll work on that later

    I'm going to try to clear up more memory, another thread was talking about the Documents To Go having a utility to move it to the card, freeing up memory. Another thought was go go with one of Shadowmite's custom ROMs, as I don't need the Versamail app nor any of the Sprint-specific stuff.


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