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    I currently have an Ipaq and am looking to move to a Treo. Half the reason for moving is so that I don't have to use 3rd party software.
    If I get the Treo 650 and sync with my Mac (Tiger), what might missing sync give me that Sync 2.0 does not?
    Many thanks,
    p.s. does anyone have any experience with a Mac an Blackberry?
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    This is a frequently asked question. Search the Mac forum and you will find many views on this topic. Personally, I had MissingSync and had so many problems with it that I simply went with the Palm desktop and hotsync software included with the Treo 650. The Palm hotsync, etc. has worked perfectly well. The only thing MissingSync really added was the ability to mount the SD card on the desktop and see it in itunes, etc. I didn't think it was worth the expense for me. As for iSync... I haven't needed iSync since I avoid the subpar Mac applications like iCal, etc. since it doesn't maintain categories and the Palm desktop is superior in this regard.
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    I think the answer is no. It's a cleaner interface, and it's faster. However, for $40, I don't think it's required, particularly if HotSync is working.

    I bought MissingSync (nonrefundable BTW) because I was having problems sync'ing with Entourage and suspected HotSync was the culprit. I was wrong; see my post from today on the subject.

    Sync problems with 650s and iSync/Entourage are caused by WirlessSync -- Verizon's sync product. The workaround is simple, but the bottom line is that MissingSync is not required.

    Just my two cents' worth.
    C D

    San Diego, CA

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