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    My treo 600 is having bigtime problems. First off, I've had it for nearly a year without any issues whatsoever. But today, its finally failing (well sorta). The Treo functions are responding very slow (directional button, keyboard, etc.), like a desktop computer when theres a virus or something is hindering it. The action is "delayed" not immediately like normal button pushing.
    The touch screen doesn't work. I can dial out with the buttons but its a "delayed" reaction as well, as is with everything else I do on the Treo. I have a 1gig Sandisk SD card with mp3s which I use as ring tones. Whenever someone calls in, the music ring tone plays but it "stutters" and stops , doesn't not play normal like before. My "Pocket Tunes" program doesn't work either.

    I've tried soft resetting it, hard resetting it, everything. Nothing is working. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like hardware failure to me, but could also be a battery issue. Who did you buy it from? Take it to them (or call) and find out your options. If you have Sprint you may get a new phone. If it fails a dianostic test you should get a replacement. This might be a good time to try to negotiate an upgrade to a 650! Be sure and do a complete backup 1st. Good luck!!
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    I purchased it brand new from AT&T/Cingular dealer here localling. They don't have any clue of what the problem might be. How do I do a complete backup?

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    I had similar problems recently... turns out that there was some crud wedged between the screen and the bezel... screen wasn't working and because of the crud, processor cycles were siphoned off... Took a index card and carefully ran around under edge, crud removed, problem solved
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    I´m in the same situation, have the Treo 600 for a year used to work fine but now buttons doesn´t work properly and always freezing. Tried both soft and hard reset but notting happens. And could you explain please a little more abput the way you solved the problem? I think that for the price we have paid it is not logical that the phone work fine only for a year. Thanks in advance for your help.

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