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    Upgrading from a TT to a Treo 650. following the palm guidelines in knowledge library. When loading the accompanying cd rom it gets as far as the hot sync section and come up with:

    Runtime error - application requested runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact applications support team for more info.

    I am trying to contact palm but has anyone else come across this problem. I now have two palms (new one and old one) that won't sync with the PC.

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    Aww, becs - perhaps after asking questions yesterday before you upgraded, looking at the answers given by people would have saved you lots of trouble?

    Quote Originally Posted by becs
    Us in the UK are behind all you lot. I will be upgrading froma Tungsten 1 to the Treo 650 and have tried to click on the links in the thread above but keep getting knowledge server error. Can anyone help?
    Quote Originally Posted by jgk
    I'm in the Uk and mine worked perfectly, but I didn't upgrade after warnings on here. What I did was :

    - from old Palm Desktop exported my calendar and all other files I could.
    - deleted all Palm stuff from the PC
    - installed the new stuff as a new user and synced ok.
    - "beamed" notes and contacts from my old device onto the new one (using "all categories") and then imported my old calendar back into the new Palm desktop

    This seems to work perfectly - I have everything, as a new user and no (apparent) problems.
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    I've sussed out the problem. I have windows ME and its not compatible. (aaarrrrggggghhh!) I feel an XP upgrade coming on.

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