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    Please help! I've tried a bunch of times to send an SMS to a friend's mobile in Switzerland (country code +41) and they don't go through. The number in standard international format is +41 (0)61 xxx xxxx and I enter it in the SMS dialog as 0114161xxxxxxx, with no luck. I called Sprint and they were totally unhelpful, gave me this list of countries as the only ones "guaranteed" to work with international SMS.

    But I've read here about other people successfully international SMSing, or Sprint changing their SMS system recently, etc.. can anyone verify this or help me in any way? It's so frustrating and the guy at Sprint was totally unwilling to try to investigate or give anything but a seemingly canned answer.
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    I send messages to South Africa daily and use the same format and it works. However it's with Cingular.
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    I've sent SMS to Australia and they can also reply back to me. I normally put a + before the number.
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    I have Sprint branded Treo with sprint and for past months I SMS, India, Korea, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, HongKong, China, Brasil, Singapore, Austrailia and NewZealand without any issue. I use "011-country code-city code-phone number" format to SMS. Not a single SMS is missed. Not sure why yours dont work even you are using correct format. May be its Switzerland perhaps??
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    Try sending it to +41 61 xxxxxx, that's the format I use for international SMS, as opposed to the 011 bit. Secondly, I'd try to add that zero after the country code (though I don't think that's correct, it can't hurt to try).
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    Thanks everyone for suggestions.. still no luck! Does it matter whether I put in the hyphens between numbers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by maximillian
    Thanks everyone for suggestions.. still no luck! Does it matter whether I put in the hyphens between numbers?
    Um...hyphens? When I was able to sms to a T-mobile phone in the U.K. I didn't put any hyphens...just the straight number, no spaces or nothing and it worked.

    I could only sms T-mobile in the U.K. but not a vodofone, although I did RECEIVE a sms from a vodafone in the U.K.
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    I just tried sending an international SMS using 011 and using +, and neither worked. I have Sprint PCS and the international calling plan activated, but my destination number is a Tunisiana number in Tunisia which is (surprise, surprise) not on their supported list.

    Twice I got a 'Send Error' message stating that "An error occured (19) when sending this message." I imagine error 19 refers to someone trying to send texts to places Sprint PCS does not go. The third and last time I tried, the Treo froze.
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    I have spoke to sprint about international sms, specifically to England. The issue at this time is that sprints system is incompatible with systems in europe. Sprint was supposed to be working on it. I called back months after my initial call, and they still haven't got it working. To tell you the truth, they didn't seem too pressed in giving us this access.
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    Can't you use an IM program (like AIM, ICQ, MSN, or Yahoo) and text msg through Verichat? I'm not an Intl SMS sender so don't shoot me plz
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    does sprint charge you extra for european SMS, if you have the unlimited plan?
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    I send and receive quite frequently, but often I don't recieve messages that people send me from overseas. I message mostly England and Thailand. Thailand (66) almost never works (sending or recieving). I can almost always send to England (the receiver gets my message), but I don't get about 50% of what comes back.

    My Cingular/AT&T phone works nearly 100% of the time to both locations. :-)

    It's not just Sprint. I had similar problems on Verizon as well. I'm guessing what we have here is just inherent incompatibility between GSM and CDMA networks. (Just a guess ...)

    If you do a lot internationally, you should consider moving to a GSM based network. (That's ultimately what I'm going to end up doing.)
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    I send and receive messages to/from a UK colleague who is on Orange. I use 011 44 (number) as the format.
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