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    I bought a gloveOne case for my Treo600 from store and received my order today.

    It is the best case I ever had. It come with great functional features:
    keypad cover + lens cover + screen cover + stylas + belt clip + my cool color case

    It cost my only 34.95!! They have case for Treo650 and a lots MP3

    Do not believe? check it out I love my Treo
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    5 posts, I went to check your other posts all the same thing about zcover.. I bet you work for them or somehow related to zcover. Your Post has been reported
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    who cares
    looks like a cool case

    by the way..
    you only have 5 posts too

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    ahhaha yeah I noticed that too, been lurking for a long time but finally got a Treo 650 last week. I was a huge Sony Clie user.. had the first model and up to the NR70.. had about 5 different Sony Clies.. then switched to PocketPC, with the iPaq 1945, then I wanted to change my phone so why not a Treo. And here I am.
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    If I had 650 or PSP for sure I will buy another case from zcover.

    I love my 600 with this new zcover case
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    How do you take a picture? Do you have to remove the case or lower the top part? That would be a pain...
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    I am checking their website too. Looks like they has a lens cover, it likes a door, you don't have to remove the case to take a pic. smart.... oh, here is the link: looks nice.
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    This is clearly an ad placed by someone linked with the seller...

    ...but the product looks pretty good. I'd like to see a review.
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    This is clearly an ad placed by someone linked with the seller...

    Yah. That's enough to make me avoid the thing. When a co. resorts to such stuff it makes me wonder.
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    hey guys...I got a case from XY Company...god it's so cooooool..check it does everything and more that I'd expect from a case and what fantastic customer service fact I've been crying with joy ever since I got it, I love it more than the wife and kids. In fact it's got a great cut out on the back that I can stick my.......okay okay perhaps that's going a little too far
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    They've all been banned...

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