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    I bought a silicone carrying case for my Treo600 at online store.

    It come with a Keypad cover + screen cover + stylas!

    cool office colors, I picked up a gray one, touch great, fit good.

    I love my treo
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    COOl cool of this named gloveOne zCover silicone case designed a flip lens cover in the back of my case.

    my camera protected! my keypad protected,

    I love this zcover case. I love my Treo
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    looks cool. Is the touch sreen really works with that screen protecter? interested....
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    Thanks for the tip! It was exactly what I was looking for! I just ordered one, too.
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    Does the case attract dust &| lint?
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    I got couple of silicone cases for my iPOD. No dust-attract at all.

    I just order one from zcover for my Treo. No need to carry my cell all the time.
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    the first case i see with this pad cover. I order the clear one.
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    thats pretty weak that the only way you can pay is paypal or money order.....
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