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    My fairly-stable treo has started to periodically reset when i receive a voicemail notification. Initial analysis indicates it only happens when I've used agendus to access some information, and then a call comes through, the person leaves a voicemail, and right when the notification is about to pop up, i get a soft reset. has anyone else experienced this? I dont necessarily have to be in agendus when it occurs, but if i soft reset, don't use agendus, and a call comes through, things seem to be ok. I havent done much more beyond observation at this point, nor have i concluded that agendus is the culprit for sure....i am just throwing it out there to see if anyone else has the same type of issue. I tried searching, but one can imagine how many PAGES of results the keywords "reset" "agendus" and "voicemail" yield.
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    I get these problems as well. It's extremely aggrevating since my phone will go into a reset loop (since I have chatter email automatically turning on my radio!). I don't know if there's a connection with agendus or not, but I'll take a look. It's really bizarre, b/c otherwise, my treo is perfect.

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