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    This may be something of an esoteric problem, but it's pretty annoying. I have a PC at work, a Mac at home. If I change an item on Palm Desktop on the PC and then sync the Treo, the Treo picks up the change. If I then sync with the Mac, it's as if the Mac cannot (or will not) see PC-generated changes. If I make any change, however slight, to the item on the handheld, the Mac will then pick up ALL the changes, but unless I go through this rather tedious process, changes that start on the PC don't migrate through the Treo to the Mac. Has anyone seen anything like this, or - better still - have any idea how to fix it?

    Thanks, Jim
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    I have never used a Mac to sync, but do you have an option for doing a 'FullSync' in your sync software on the Mac? It sounds like the software is not reading the modification time correctly, and is assuming that the changed records are not updated from it's last sync. I know under linux, I have the option of doing a full sync when I "change" PCs. This seems to work for me. Although I have not done significant testing.

    Would be interested in your results since I do have a MAC and have considered sync-ing with it once in a while.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. This may be a stupid question, but how would I know if my Mac had a "Full Sync" option? I may be able to effect a change if I alter the conduit settings so that the handheld overwrites the Mac (Entourage in my case), but I am hesitant to do this as it would increase the sync time and I would prefer the Mac to be the central repository. Let me know if there are adjustments you recommend for the Mac. Thanks again, Jim
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    Interesting. It sounds like it is either a Treo thing or an Entourage issue. I don't see that issue with my Handspring (waiting for contract to end before getting the treo). I am using the Desktop software and sync software for both the PC (at work) and the Mac (at home). If possible check your conduit settings and see what is going on. Are there any log messages after sync?

    I am hoping that this is an isolated issue, because I plan on syncing in the same way when I get the treo.
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    I may be making progress. I tried downloading and re-installing the latest version of the Entourage Conduit and this seemed to cut down the sync time considerably. I am making a few test entries on the PC, which I will then sync to the device. If, after I get home, I sync with the Mac and the test items show up on Entourage, I will declare victory. By the way, Insomnia169, I really don't think this is a Treo issue - there's just something about the cross-platform thing. You're going to love having the Treo - it may be the most delightful gadget I have ever bought. Thanks for the help, folks. I'll keep you posted on progress.

    P.S. There were some log messages. If the problem persists after tonight, I'll make note of them and let you know.
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    Curiouser and curiouser. Strap in guys. This gets weird. Let me start by saying that I am a good long ways from declaring victory. Here are the facts (and I welcome your thoughts):
    Yesterday, while at work, I did the following on my PC/Palm Desktop as a test:
    I created new calendar items;
    I modified some existing contacts;
    I deleted memos;
    I modified existing memos. Then I synced with the Treo.
    Then I came home to sync with the Mac. At first (notwithstanding the new Entourage conduit), it wouldn’t sync AT ALL! (My log won’t go back far enough to allow me to show the relevant portions, but what I got was that the sync was interrupted and a whole bunch of error #16401.) A simple reset of the Treo allowed my to complete a sync, with the following results:
    The new creations and deletions made it from the device to the Mac;
    NONE of the modifications (the contacts or the memo) showed any change on the Mac (I had to tweak them on the handheld to get the changes to show up). Obviously, having to change existing items exclusively on the Treo (or, in the alternative, trying to remember which items got modified on the PC) is a nuisance. Brainstorms anyone? I appreciate your interest and help. Jim

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