I've had my unlocked GSM Treo 650 for a while now- it came with a tiny little charger with the US prongs. I bought the Treo Wireless Headset, and the charger had the same tip as that of the one that came with the Treo. The big difference was that the charger itself was slightly larger, but had interchangeable prongs allowing for global usage.

Last week, the headset's charger's tip broke because of my clumsiness. I was devastated- I LOVED the charger because I travel abroad enough and don't need to worry about having additional things to carry along. So, thinking that the palmOne travel charger kit would be a like-for-like replacement, I ordered it.

It arrived today, and to my horror it was about 3x the thickness of the headset's charger, and the interchangeable prongs were hideously designed- definitely not a travel charger, and definitely not what is shown on the site or box. As an FYI, I ordered from palmOne directly and not a reseller.

So, I called palmOne and asked about why the travel charger was (disgustingly) different from the travel charger that's included with the Treo wireless headset. The guy was pretty much clueless, and said 'it varies because of the packaging.' Oh well. I returned the travel charger kit, ordered another headset (with the included NICE travel charger) and sold the extra headset to a friend.

All said, if you're in the market for a charger and order the travel charger kit expecting it to be a slim/compact one, be prepared for a nasty surprise. You're better off ordering the Treo wireless headset, cannibalizing the charger, and eBaying/selling off the headset.