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    When I receive an incoming call from (certain) people in my address book, only thier first name appears on the Caller ID. Their contact info includes first and last names, but for some reason, when they call, it only displays thier first name. I've had this issue for a month or so, and it was only mildly annoying until now. I have installed Ringo Pro and when I assign a number to an MP3, it doesnt play for that incoming caller. I dont know for sure, but I think the issues are related. Some callers full names appear, some dont.

    Anyone seen this before? Anyone know of a solution?


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    Just a quick question... Are those peolple with only first names showing on your Favorites? If they are in your Favorites, do you only have their first names on the Favorites List?
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    Good call - the names are in my favorites, and only as first names. Those with short first and last names fit both names, but some longer names run out of space. Bummer.

    Thanks Crash - I appreciate that...


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