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    Is there a code to verify whether a Treo 650 is locked or unlocked?
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    Nope. Inserting another carrier's SIM is the only test, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mfp
    Is there a code to verify whether a Treo 650 is locked or unlocked?

    That would be much too simple.
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    What is the error message you get when a non-carrier SIM is put into a locked 650? Does it have an error pop-up or does it simply not find a signal. My reason for asking is that I bought an unlock code for my AT&T Treo and when I put a Cingular SIM in it I was not given an error message but the phone was constantly searching for a network. I do not believe the SIM was carrying any service with Cingular FWIW (the kid at Best Buy has an open box and let me borrow the SIM for a minute).
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    Yes, there is an error message you get when the SIM card can not be used
    on your Treo. But i don't know the text anymore.
    You should test it with a SIM that would have service in your region.
    If i insert my original AT&T SIM it also searches network forever (here in Switzerland).
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    I went to a T-Mobile store in the area and they popped in an active SIM from one of their personal phones -- my 650 is definitely unlocked. It came up as T-Mobile in a few seconds and I was a happy camper. As a bonus, I got some near-softcore porn SMSs left on my phone when the salesman checked his email and messages on my Treo.
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    Two Stupid Questions: What is a SIM card? AND: locked? unlocked?
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    You must have Sprint or Verizon, so don't worry about it. It's a GSM thing
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    "SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. A SIM card is a small "smartcard" that houses your mobile phone number, authenticiation key, and other information. The SIM card resides inside GSM phones, but it can be removed easily and swapped to another phone."

    Locked/Unlocked: some phones are locked to a certain operator (i e you can't use your phone with a SIM card from another operator).
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    Marianne: Thanks for the full explanation...I do have Sprint and therefore can't use it outside US and I thought the "unlocked" discussion related either to that issue or to being able to use my T650 with any and all cell carriers (if I ever changed)....

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