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    I recently bought an unlocked GSM Treo 650 (T-Mo service). Sadly mine has this problem as well. Earpiece volume is way too low, even when I have it cranked all the way up. My girl has a Locked Sprint PCS 650 and her earpiece volume is great.

    I've have been reading the forums and investigating the issue of the Low Earpiece Volume. Did the Tech support thing, hard reset, installed 1.23, etc, etc... and still low earpiece volume. The Tech suggests I take the phone back and exchange it but from what I have been reading some people are on their 3rd phone with the same issue.

    There is no way I will be able to hear calls at the current volume when I am outside.

    Any one have any news or new fixes?

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    Have you tried a bluetooth earpiece? I have been reading that for some the bluetooth connection is much louder then the built-in speaker
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    I have not yet. But i feel that defeats the purpose of a "phone" --- I travel alot and can't always have a wireless earpiece on my ear---

    I will try it though but I am wondering if there has been a fix yet?
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    i keep reading that the cdma phones have louder earpieces. i'm in the same boat as you though, i have a gsm (locked however, cingular) phone and my earpiece on the treo is soooo low. very near impossible to use on a busy street (which is where i use it the most). i have a bluetooth headset, it's ok, but i don't every carry it with me, and i don't have the time to fumble to turn it on and use it every time i want to answer a quick 1 min phonecall. i really really need a louder earpiece volume. i've tried volumecare and it doesn't help.

    also i'm on 1.23 and that didn't help much either. oh well. i guess i have to just try harder to hear better or fumble with some dorky headset everytime i want to take a quick call.

    "what was that? i can't hear you? can you repeat that? huh? wait hold on let me find my headset? (fumble fumble) ok, what was that? oh yes i will be in the office today. bye. (fumble fumble)"
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    Ba-Dump for any of the late people---??
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    same here. In environments with loud ambient background (like restaurants, etc.) on two occasions I've had to tell the caller that I would call them back from a place where I could here them. On my old Sprint Sanyo phone I could hear just fine.

    The default earpiece volume is a joke/embarrassment in engineering design, and I DON"T have to resolve to using my bluetooth or headphone earpiece all the time.

    I've also tried the trick with cranking up the volume on the media players (like Realplayer) and then soft-resetting the phone, but even this is a bogus workaround that doesn't really work too well.

    I'm also running the ver. 1.23 firmware, which didn't make any difference either.

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    My earpiece volume is so low it's funny. I have to leave areas where people are talking when the volume is all the way jacked up in order to hear anything...

    Let's hope for an upgrade...
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    I have a sprint T650, earpeice was fine, had a few other problems with the phone as time went on, keys stuck, about 2 weeks ago, my earpiece volume went down to what you guys are describing, I had sprint swap it out, and now it's fine again, this phone seems to be much better built than the orignal one I had.. FYI
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    Sprint recognizes this problem as a known issue with the 650 and will exchange the phone for you if it under warranty.

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    Is it a hardware B version ?

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