Quick question: If I

(a) am happy using another mail program (i.e., SnapperMail);
(b) don't care about having my stuff backed up to Verizon's servers;
(c) have even deleted the Mail program that comes with the Treo,

then is there any reason for me to retain WirelessSync on my Palm? In other words, can I delete it and its DB file?

I ask because I've found a good mail alternative, and also am trying to resolve an ongoing, PITA (Pain-In-The-Arse) Entourage conduit failure that is, perhaps coincidentally, associated with the setup of (Verizon's) email service and the installation of VersiChat (which I also removed and which did not solve the problem).

Anyone wanna weigh in on this? Is the WirelessSync required for anything other than mail and backups to [Verizon's] servers?