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    I'm really tempted by the Universal Wireless Keyboard, and I'm not tempted by bluetooth keyboards, but I'm worried about how directional the infrared is. In my car the Treo is mounted nicely in a holster. Can I possibly put the keyboard in my lap and aim it roughly in that direction?

    And no, not while driving! When I'm at the racetrack I sometimes have to deal with work e-mail and/or login to systems. The keyboard would make this a lot easier...
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    The keyboard is designed for the Treo to sit at the back of the keys with the IR sensor adjustable to line up with the IR sensor on top of the Treo. You would probably have to rig up some small mirrors to bounce the IR from the Treo to the keyboard if you leave the Treo in the mounted holster.
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    The Treo should be in the holder for it. The Wireless keyboard is not designed to work at 'range' of any sort. It will be an exercise in frustration. It sounds like you really do need a Bluetooth keyboard. The Freedom Keyboard is pretty good, but not great for lap use without some sort of support (perhaps a clipboard underneath). The Stowaway is better for lap use but lacks a dedicated number/punctuation row.

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