I have an unlocked phone and new TMO service. This is going to seem really stupid but I am having terrible problems with TMO. I can get a signal from Cingular and TMO but the only one I can register with is TMO. The people at TMO give me five different stories, so I really cannot depend upon what they tell me, so maybe somebody here can answer this:

if I have roaming on my account, should I not be able to go to "Select Network," and pick the Cingular signal (they are both strong here) and sign on to Cingular as roaming? One person on TMO says I should not but another says I should, so I really don't know. I'm not sure how the phone would know, or care much less, whether there was a signal on TMO, but the guy who says I shouldn't be able to do this insists, based on nothing apparently, that as long as there is a TMO signal, I can't roam. But that seems silly because in a lot of places it is must marginal, basically unusueable, and how would the phone then know? I think if I actually select Cingular it should sign on. Instead it says it cannot register. I cannot go to a low or no TMO signal place from here so I won't know until after I've gone on a trip where, if I'm right, it will be too late.

Can somebody tell me whether it should be possible to select one network over the other in any event? Thanks, it would be a huge help to have the answer to this.

There is a reason I need to know all that. I went to Europe depending upoln TMO's assurances that I would have service and I had none. None at all. My wife, who I also put on our TMO account, had no service either. It responded exactly the same as roaming here: could not register. So when I got back and they just bounced me from one person to another with just as many explanations, and finaly told me it was fixed, I was suspicious. My suspicions were increased because I am unable to force the thing to roam here. I have the funny feeling that if I can't get it to roam here, it won't roam when I next get to Europe, and I don't need that experience again., And then of course they told me it was a bad SIM card. I just had that replaced this morning, and I still can't roam. So one person tells me it shouldn't roam as long as there is a TMO signal. That doesnt seem right to me, and I can't get to any pockets easily where there is no TMO service to test it. So....stilll...I kind of need to know...is anybody on TMO able to force it to roam? If you can't are you sure it will when you need it? I'm really sorry I got TMO now.