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    Hi I am completely new to Treos. I woke up this morning and my phone was sitting in the case from last night, and it randomly dialed my room mates phone number( I was still asleep) he tried calling me back thinking I called him, and said that he heard a beep, and then the phone dialed to his number once again...anyone seen anything like this? I tried searching the forum but didn't see anything. TIA
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    It's possible that it was put in the case before you turned the screen off and the pressure from the case launched a speed dial number. I have done that on a few occasions.
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    Yeah I figured it out, its because when there is an incoming call the keyboard/screen is obivously not locked. And in the case with the pressure during a incoming call, if it hits ignore or answer, the phone stays unlocked(so it starts randomly dialing), anyone know if there is a way to redcue that?
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    Usually it's a key that the pressure causes the answer or ignore. I have TreoGuard and have settings that don't allow keys to answer calls. I have to use the 5-way or touch the screen. This keeps from accidentally answering calls.

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