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    I'm thinking that this has to be a problem with the software on the 650 since I have been using an I-mate Jam and it seems to Active Sync over bluetooth nearly as fast as when plugged in. In fact, I rarely plug it into the computer at all. It only took two minutes of tinkering to get it working and now I'm set to use it whenever.

    The Treo should be the same. It should be MUCH easier to set up, amd it shouldn't be so agonizingly slow once it is set up. I think there can be a software improvement made so that hotsyncing this way becomes easier, especially since since there is no cradle included with the device.
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    I'd recommend double-checking your setup and consider reinstalling. While not the speed of a wired hotsync, BT hotsyncing for me is pretty fast.

    As for a cradle, Cingular corporate stores have 'em for ~$27 on the shelf without the extra power adapter. Just plug the cable & power adapter you got with the T650 into the back of the cradle.
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    Bluetooth sync without AvantGo (or any other things you might use of that nature) and without a full Backup takes about 60s on my phone, max. Yes, it's slower than on the cable, but it's also much more convenient. A full sync with backup and Avantgo might take 10m, but I do that as I go to bed, I have it scripted so full backups are only done at night.

    Works for me, plus no futzing with the stupid hotsync cable.

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