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    In my office I have a wired phone with a 2.5mm jack and my Treo 650. I am thinking about using the Jabra A210 BT adapter on my wired phone.

    Can I use one BT headset and easily switch between the two devices?

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    I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.
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    How would I switch back and forth between having the BT headset paired with the A210 and Treo 650?
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    That would only be a problem if your Treo is on while you are at work since it will be paired to both the adapter and the Treo. I don't have an answer for that other than to turn the Treo off while you're at work.
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    Or just turn off Bluetooth on the Treo while you're at work.
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    Mark's idea is even better. That way you won't miss a call. You may also be able to find software that would automatically disable bluetooth at certain times or forward your cell calls to your office line.
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