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    As the name function does not appear to work on the 662 (with the 650 at least), other than BT 1.2, what are the advantages? Does anyone have both of them and can say which one is better (sound quality, loudness, pairing w/650, time switching calls, other features)? Is it worth the extra $? Thanks.
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    Well i had the 660 and used it maybe 3 times only because i lost the ear hook peice that attaches on to it. So i just ended up going with the 662. I haven't tried it out yet because i just received it last night and i let it charge up before using it. However, i will respond to what you wrote as far as asking if it's worth the extra $... it's only $10 more!
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    I'm about to buy one of these. Dan is selling them for the same price. Only difference I really see is the AC adapter. Is there any performance difference between the two?

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    bt 1.2
    and although it doesnt work on the treo 650, caller id with name (if in contacts)

    also apparently longer battery life...and i believe all sony adaptors (of products starting with the T610 or before) all have the same adapter head
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    Thanks for the feedback. I just ordered the 662. Should arrive at the same time as my Treo 650!
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    good choice...and although the Treo 650 is not 1.2 buy for tomorrow not today (if you can, and at that price you do)
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    What is the lowest price on the 662 people here have found? I am looking to buy one.
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    anyone know if getting the 662 is any different than the 660?
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    By the time a Treo is out that can take advantage of the features in the HBH-662 Sony will have released a newer and even better BT headset .

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