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    BuzzOff seems to be a stable CALL BLOCKER for the Treo 650. Although I have used it for only one day, it seems to be an adequate replacement for CallFilter (all I care about is CALL BLOCKING). I have not evaluated the SMS functions.
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    Where might someone find this program?
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    Does it block someone from texting me as well? and repeating the last post where can I DL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by josephaoliva
    Where might someone find this program?
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    Seems to kinda work... for some reason it sets my ringer to "off" when I use it.
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    Not too impressed. After putting on my 650, it would cause all of my calls to go to ignore, NOT just the blocked caller ids, until I disabled and re enabled the program.

    Not happy with that process at all. I know it's only 10 bucks, but don't like hearing a partial one ring, then my phone calls kicked over and people asking if I'm busy.
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    Today I had a blocked call from a number that I had a filter but now I do not have it anymore. Deleted fews days ago.
    I disable and enalbel BuzzOff again.
    Is it a known problem? Is it the way to fix it?
    I did not have a chance to check if it is working fine again with this specif number.
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    Some users have found that they need to disable/re-enable BuzzOff after a reset for it to work properly.

    The previous build of the app didn't seem to have this problem. They fixed something in the new build, and it appears to have generated some additional bugs. If you contact support for Toysoft, they might do something. I don't think they're officially supporting BuzzOff (even though they just released the new build).
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