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    Seidio INNO∙Dock Desktop Cradle for Treo 650

    The Seidio INNO∙Dock desktop cradle is designed specifically to work with your Treo 650. You can synchronize your Treo 650 with any office or home computer and simultaneous charge it up with this convenient INNO∙Dock desktop cradle. This uniquely designed cradle allows you to dock your Treo 650 without removing it from the case. 3.5 mm stereo output port is also available on the cradle.

    The Seidio INNO∙Dock desktop cradle for Treo 650 provides you the following special features:

    • Uniquely designed (patent pending) cradle to fit TREO 650 with most skin cases, hard case and form-fit leather cases. (Without removing the casing to dock your Treo 650 into the cradle, the cases must have an opening exposing the connector and the screen of Treo must face out toward the user for correct docking.)

    • 3.5 mm stereo Audio out port: An audio out port available to connect to headphones or speakers for playing music.

    • Compact and stylish design: Your Treo 650 will fit securely in this innovative designed desktop cradle.

    • Integrated Sync Button – Initiate desktop synchronization on your Treo with just a touch of single button.

    • USB Port: Obtains power from the USB port of any computer or laptop. No additional AC power is required (charging performance may vary by power output from USB port.)

    • Dual-functional Charger: Depending on the adaptors attached, the cradle can become either a car or wall charger (both sold separately).

    • Treo 650 built-in microphone can enable hands free operation.

    For more information about this product, please visit:

    For more information on Seidio’s PalmOne Treo 650 accessories, please visit:

    Company website:

    Seidio is a leading manufacturer of accessory products for PDAs, digital music players and Smartphones and focuses its development activities on innovative products to enhance the use of devices. As a global player, Seidio operates in Europe, Asia and North America.
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    Will this dock hold a T650 in the Innopocket hard aluminum case?
    Shahrum Amiri
    Treo 680 Cingular
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    one of the images on the site shows the dock with a hard case. not the innopocket hardcase but the other one you can find on ebay. so it looks like it should be able to fit the innopocket, but i don't know for sure.
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    shows pics on the site that it will hold the hard case
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    this is great; and I just bought the cradle from Verizon! Gotta wait a couple of weeks til the next paycheck comes in before buying.
    Handspring Visor 2mb; Visor Prism; Palm i705; Tungsten2; VZW Treo650; TMO Crimson Treo680; iPhone 3g on TMO edge
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    No extra battery charger though
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    I'll definitely be getting two of these when they come out: one for work and one for home.

    Can this replace my regular power charger since my USB 2.0 hub is always powered and on? I know it says something about USB charging performance and it may be slower... but I think since I'll have it docked overnight it should be fine, right?
    Shahrum Amiri
    Treo 680 Cingular
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    This truly looks amazing and will consider getting one of these I wish though as others said it had an extra drawer to charge another battery. But hey beggars cant be choosers

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