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    I've owned a whole host of Palm devices over the years. But since the Treo 600 and now the Treo 650, have been my first true "color" Palm devices, something has started to bug me about the Palm OS that that never happened before with the gray-scale devices.

    What is it? Ugly *** third party application icons in the Applications program.

    Some of the best apps on the system, are clouded by the fact that the icon looks like a third grader designed it. Can't you see the blue shadow in the background for the default icons? Why can't we make this standard across every third party program? Even the Audible icon (which looks great compared to other third party apps) is missing the blue shadow.

    Some apps (Frobnitz) don't even include high-rez versions of the icon. Then, some of the "small" icon versions are made on a non-transparent white background so they stick out like a sore thumb in your favorites list (Minutes Plus, TreoHelper, SiEd).

    Some of you may think I'm a bit on the obsessive compulsive side. Some of you may think I'm crazy. But, I just wish there was a way, short of installing a third party application manager that would allow me to EDIT the icon and change the NAME of Palm applications in the default launcher.

    Any ideas?
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    Hey, I'm with you on board. I (my wife - art director) am even willing to create some icons for the apps I use and send it to the developer to update it.

    The ones I'm talking about are:

    KeyCaps650 - Currently has big black DOT
    FlightStatus - Come on
    LEDOFF - Default icon
    And few more I now forgot about ..

    Also, I really appreciate all the freeware apps available to us, that's why my willingness to help it out and make it look better (at least iconwise). I'm sure they are pros who know how to do that and could give back a little to the community Guys, come out, don't be hiding

    One more thing. I love some of these paid apps but can't stand the way the look (inside apps not icons). I think we can say that the small developer companies/one person developers do not pay attention to astetics but only to the functionality. It is like they do not pay attention to branding, which trust me, is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of selling the product. If the branding is bad, no matter how good the product is, it will not sell as WELL as it could.

    I'm on the obsessive compulsive side too

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