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    I have seen the remote unlocking services advertised here and there and listed on eBay. Looks like you pay them for one time access to a database that lives on a remote server. The 650 is placed in test mode, linked to the server via the USB hotsync cable and the PC's internet connection. Then several 8 digit codes are generated. THe user is instructed to install a SIM that won't work, and when an error message to that affect is displayed, click OK then press the green phone button, punch in the coded sequence (as described in multiple posts here and on other boards), and click dial.

    Well, assuming that this works, the subsidy lock is disabled. But, does this last forever? In other words, say I upgrade my handset's ROM via an authorized or unauthorized ROM updater provided by Cingular or some other source.

    Does the phone stay unlocked? Or does it relock? Does the code gotten above work again?

    All questions which I'm sure I'm not the only one would like answered.


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    I am pretty sure that a FW upgrade will not effect the unlock status of a phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swieder
    jetkins said the unlock code is tied to the IMEI number and carrier code. This implies changing the FW from CNG to ROW may effect the unlock process.
    It's keyed to the IMEI and the code of the carrier to which it's locked, not the carrier who's logo appears in the firmware - changing the firmware should have no effect.

    The reason it's tied to the carrier code as well as the IMEI is to prevent unscrupulous carriers or resellers being able to unlock a phone that is locked to a rival carrier, in order to poach that phone's business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwein84
    Okay, after giving my imei # to the cingular rep I got the unlock code for my phone. I type in *#*#[8 digit code]# and pushed the green button. I got the message "The Sim lock has been successfully removed from your phone." However I tried putting in an active SIM from another carrier and it says "The sim card you a trying to use will not work on this phone (I am paraphrasing but something like that)" and it says "No-Service - SOS Only" on the top.

    I called back cingular and read them the unlock code they gave me and the new rep said that is the right code. So what could the problem be and how can I fix it?

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