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    After starting to use my treo 600 with Palm 4.1.4 that was already on my computer, I had some problems and had to install the software that came with my new treo 600. Once installed, I saw that there are no datebook categories. When I went to the Palmone website to see if I could upgrade back to 4.1.4, the t software has a note that does not say it syncs with Treos:

    Palm Desktop 4.1.4 synchronizes with Palm Tungsten series, Palm Zire series, Palm i700 series, Palm m500 series, Palm m100 series, Palm VII series, Palm V series, Palm III.

    Is there a way to add the colored datebook categories into the Palm software that works for treos?
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    I have seen two options either you use the treo desktop software and live with it or you can use the 4.1.4 desktop without the treo pictures. However if you use the 4.1.4 you still will not have the datebook categories on the treo only on the computer.

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