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    Does anyone know if there is anything special about the AC adaptor that comes with treo 650? It is rated at 5.2V 1A.

    With my Tungsten T, I used my old Zip Drive's 5v 1A adaptor at work with the cradle...worked fine and I dont have a need for that adaptor.

    The Treo manual said the little adaptor wire was for Sprint adaptors

    Anyone used another adaptor successfully?
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    5 volts is 5 volts no matter the source. The 1 amp limit just keeps it from charging to fast and heating up. You should be fine. I have used other phone chargers when in a bind without a problem. I just do what you have and look at the rating and my specs.
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    Can you use the adapter with wall (ac) chargers as well or only the car chargers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by acampa01
    wall (ac) chargers
    As long as the rated output is 5 volt at 1 amp it should be ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acampa01
    Can you use the adapter with wall (ac) chargers as well or only the car chargers?
    I use it with a wall charger. Mine is a 5 V 1 A as well. I think you can use anything between 500 mA and 1000 mA (= 1 A). The reason I believe this is because PalmOne offers a USB charging cable that uses a powered USB port to charge the Treo (they also offer a daisy-chainable one, which is the USB cable they have in the box at time of purchase, but I'm not talking about that one). USB ports run right around 5 V and at 500 mA, so it will charge the Treo slower.

    This is my limited understanding. If someone with expert knowledge can verify, I'd feel better about this info I'm giving out. Thanks.

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