I want to convert from Entourage to Mail, Address, and iCal and then sync with a Treo 650 (Cingular). I like the idea of being able to use Spotlight on the mail, address, and calendar data ... particularly with the great speed improvement over Entourage.

When I attempt the sync, either with Palm's Hotsync manager or with the newest version of Missing Sync, neither the Address book or iCal will sync in either direction. When I look at the log, it says: "iSync Conduit: received NULL message, disconnecting ..." and no data goes either way for either address book or calendar.

I have Tiger 10.4 and newest versions of Palm desktop, etc. Reinstalled Tiger today, upgraded to 10.4, uninstalled all of Palm software and reinstalled, uninstalled Missing Sync and reinstalled. No luck. There must be a weird setting somewhere that causes this to happen. Anyone know where it's hiding?

For now I have gone back to Entourage and it works except for a quirky thing that causes appointments entered on the Treo to disappear on the first sync (they do get transferred to Entourage) and then reappear on the Treo with the second sync. Wonders never cease.

Any ideas or fixes for either problem would be appreciated.