I bought my Treo 650 Sunday and brought it home and proceeded to transfer my data from my Sony Clie T615c (using the same method I had done when a few years earlier when I upgraded TO the Clie from a Visor Dlx).

That is to say that after backing up my PRC files from the Clie's last sync, uninstalling the Sony Palm Software and installing the new Palm Hotsync Software, I I double clicked on the PDB files for my contacts, todo items, calendar etc.

Guess what happened--"Synchronization failed". Uninstalled Palm software and did a hard reset on the Treo.

Per a P1 tech support rep instructions, I re-installed the Palm software and imported the BAK files that the Sony Palm Desktop software created. Did my hot sync. "Synchronization failed".

Uninstalled palm software. Did a hard reset.

Beamed all contacts, todo items and memos from Clie to Treo. Hotsync worked flawlessly--I just had to assign all contacts, todo's and memos to the proper categories. I did that in the palm desktop. Hotsync still works flawlessly.

Now a few hours later when I do a hotsync, I get "Synchronization Failed" for the Contacts, Calendar and Todo's--but the memos are fine. No calendar items have even been added to EITHER the treo or the Palm Desktop software but yet it still fails?

My head hurts!

I've been through about 6 hard resets and palm software re-installs since sunday trying to figure out what's going on.

Anyone have any thoughts?