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    Every now and then while listening to either music or an audio book on Pocket Tunes, it will just stop. If the screen has been left on I'll look at the screen and the stop button will be highlighted. I can then hit "play" again and music will resume. Sometimes I'll have the screen off, I'll hit screen on, and the center button to disable Keyguard and then "play" and music will resume.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    On my Treo 600 I also have Treogaurd which I was testing out but it's expired so I don't think that's what's causing this. On the Pocket Tunes setting I also have "enable background play" on.. though most of the time I just turn the screen off and listen rather than use other apps.
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    Pocket Tunes stops incoming call and I believe alarms, anything that takes over the speaker or sound system of your Treo. Would it be possible that your expired Treoguard is generating an alarm?
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    I don't think so. I'll try uninstalling it.
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    PTunes does not stop anything from happening on my Treo650. I can play games, surf, email, and receive calls while a song is playing. In the advanced pereferences there is a check box "stop playing after XX minutes". This is a nice feature if your using it to play music as you go to sleep, but if you forget it is checked it will confuse you.
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    " In the advanced pereferences there is a check box "stop playing after XX minutes"."

    You called it Mike! I found that out on my own today, I had forgotten that when I first tried out Pocket Tunes I was going to bed so set it to turn off by itself! At any rate, I'm testing it right now and if it keeps playing after 15 minutes I'll consider my problem solved

    Now I just need to continue my quest for comfortable ear buds for small ears, I think I saw a promising topic head line so I'll check there for info.

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