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    I have been a Palm user since 1999, and just got my Treo 650 2 months ago and love it.

    I admit to being confused as to how to interact with the SD Card (That Palm was nice enough to give me for free)

    What applications can I run off the card?
    How would I move an application from the Handheld to the card.
    What is best to manage files on the card? I use LauncherX but it doesn't really seem to be worth much other than seggrate apps into tabs.

    Is Filez the answer? I tried Zlauncher, way way too many features.


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    powerRun works well for moving and running apps from the card. the apps still show in the launcher as they did before but they will have an asterik next to them so you can easily identify what is running from the card. usually apps that deal with alarms and need to sync should be left in ram. hope this helps..
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