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    I'm having frequent resets when I'm talking on the phone and I think it may happen when the phone tries to switch to a roaming signal during the conversation.

    It seems like I've heard this before, but a brief search did not bring up any thing of relevance.

    Anyone else having similar problems?

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    Do you have Enable Network Time enabled? If so, try turning that off and see if things improve.
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    When you say reset, do you mean that the phone switches off. I had this problem last week roaming in London when the phone for no apparent reason would switch off. Happening several times an hour is beyond a joke.
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    Actualy no. I mean that the Treo soft resets.

    Of course now it seems that I'm havign resets more and more frequently. I'm considering doing ahard reset and starting over to see if that helps. It's been a while.

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    I'm having problem with resets here in SF. I have pay as you go SIM from Cing NY and had about 5 resets in 3 days plus could not connect through GPRS. I've switched back to my TMobile SIM from Czech Rep and it worked fine (roaming), although it'll cost me much more. Any explanation for this erratic behaviour? Anyone?

    I travel extensively and never had problem within Europe with my Vodafone or T-Mobile SIM.


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