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    So Treonauts had an article on "Rome" from a discussion with Larry Slotnick (PalmSource CTO) at Mobile Summit & DevCon. They discuss possible features, and I must say they sound pretty amazing. What are the chances we Treo 650 owners will be able to simply flash our current phones to upgrade to the Linux-based OS they're calling "Rome"?
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    Short answer: No chance in H3LL

    When I had a Sprint Phone that slid into the Springboard Module slot of my
    Visor (Prism?), it was supposed to be upgradable to 3G. That never happened,
    (while the CGM version of this type of phone was actually upgradable.) When
    I say "3G", I mean Sprint "Vision". I think Sprint called this phone something
    like "SB-3000". The Visor itself had flash memory so that the PalmOS could be
    upgraded. No upgrade was ever made available.

    When I bought a Treo 300, It never was upgradable to any features from the
    Treo 600. (Sorry, I can't remember what the feature improvements were.)
    One thing was it was a change from Palm 4.? to Palm 5. When the 600 came
    out, they promised WiFi, which never happened. When the 650 came out,
    they promised WiFi and Bluetooth (which I don't think happened the way they
    promised). You can pretty much be guaranteed that most promises of future
    enhancements/upgradability will never happen.

    Sorry if I sound negative, but they'll keep doing this as long as the target
    users are technophiles or early adopters. Maybe someday things will change
    but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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    That's about what I expected, but the dim light of optimism in me simply won't die so I had to ask. I don't really expect the fine folks at PalmOne to make it easy to avoid buying a new product, but the dreamer in me, like a kid hoping to pass an exam for which he has not studied, keeps hope alive!
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    I am sorry but I am not available for upgrade

    See my name to the left.
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    Mobile TV DVB-H
    Video Telephony
    Graphics Editor
    Doc Viewer
    Voice Control
    Integrated Messaging
    Linux Kernel
    OMA Digital Rights Management for protected content
    J2ME (Java) on Linux
    Of all these features, Video telephoney is completely controlled by the phone carriers.
    Doc or Image viewer can be have on the Treo.
    Copyright protection managment...I doubt people need that, I certain don't.
    MobileTV is really useless since there is so little content. But probably the only cool gimmick.
    Intergrated Messaging, don't we have it now?
    I don't know what UMTS is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    I don't know what UMTS is.
    Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is a voice and high-speed data wireless technology that’s part of the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) IMT-2000 family of third-generation (3G) wireless standards. Wideband CDMA (WCDMA) is the radio technology used in UMTS. As a result, the terms “UMTS” and “WCDMA” are often used interchangeably.

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