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    I am the mobile manager of a company with MANY Treo users. One such 650 has recently been returned to me because the user is no longer with our company. I find that 3 out of the 4 black screws holding the thing together are conspicuously missing! Luckily, I have a seriously malfunctioning unit in my office whose screws I can pilfer, but being such an odd little screw, I have no screwdriver on hand to remove or replace these suckers. Any idea where one might purchase such a device or would the local carrier's store down the street have something?
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    Scres with an indented six-pointed star are "Torx" screws. It used to be that you mainly found torx screws on imprted cars from Germany and Japan. I have been seeing them more frequently lately in condumer applications.

    I have found torx scredirver sets for about $20 for 10 or so different sized drivers. The most reasonably priced set I found was a t a local hardware store but you could probably find them at a hobbyist store or a computer parts store or radio shack.
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    FYI... you'll need a T6 Torx driver.
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    Sears does (or did, last year) sell them both in kits and individually, FYI.
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    You can get it at Home Depot for about 5 bucks...small kit, made by Husky I think...

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    If the screws falling out happen to a lot of us, PalmOne will probably offer up a solution just as they did to the unfortunate purchasers of the Tungsten 3: $125 to replace them (claiming it's not a manufacturing defect to have screws fall out on their own...). Someone even went to the trouble to set up an online petition to PalmOne about it.

    I'd think they were trying to pull something if I didn't watch the whole episode happen to a close friend that NEVER abuses his toys. 3 screws fell out within the first month.
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    I have a screw loose..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roel
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    (in Holland having a screw loose, means you have gone mad, which can be a good or a bad thing, you decide!)
    That goes for the States too!
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    Loctite Blue
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    canada as well your lucky you only have one loose...oh god mine are non existant...someone instead decided to use plastic plugs made in mexico...dang shotty workmanship
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    When I open my battery compartment door, a screw fell out. When I examined closer, I discovered that of the 4 screws, 2 were missing completely, 1 was in my hand and the final 1 was barley screwed in. I have to find a tiny torx driver to save the remaining 2 screws. My unit is separating on both sides of the charging port because of the missing screws. Here I go again (I was victim to the T3 screw scandals of 2003-2004. I've had my Treo 650 for just over a year now. I never would have checked the screws if one had not dropped into my hand when opening the battery door. You all might want to check yours anyway.
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    FYI, I eventually located a handy cell phone screwdriver set at MicroCenter, including the exact torx size needed for these tiny buggers. As I was in charge of all our mobile devices, I scrounged up some spare screws from broken Treo's in my possession or removed one from each that passed through my hands... I now have a nice collection of spare screws, but haven't had a complaint of this issue from my users since this originally happened a year ago!

    Good times..
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    With the battery cover in place, there is nowhere for the screws to go if they fall if you're careful and check the screws every time you take off the battery cover, you should be able to catch the loose screws before they become MIA. I've used SoftReset ever since I've had the phone and as far as needing to remove the battery cover....I believe I've only "had" to do it about 3 times. Once to remove the battery, once to hit the reset button, and once to put some velcro fuzzy tape inside the cover to stop the sqeaking.
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    I completely understand. However, I cannot guarantee the screws of 100 users spread across the country. Most of them have more than just Treo screws loose!
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    Anybody have an idea where to get replacement screws? I have one missing and do not have a spare phone to pilfer from.
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    Never mind. I found them. $3 each @
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    Wow, $3 each?? That's highway robbery.. I would have gladly sent you a couple from my stash.
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    Carmine Castiglia's store sells them. But if you feel like helping me pay for hosting fees on my site, check out this link. I am an affiliate of Carmine Castiglia's InfosystemsPro store, that sells the screws.
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    What size Torx tool is required for the Treo 650? I have a T6 and it is too large for the small Treo screws. Works on my 8700c but not the Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by txschafers
    What size Torx tool is required for the Treo 650? I have a T6 and it is too large for the small Treo screws. Works on my 8700c but not the Treo.
    T5 is the correct size for the 650
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