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  1.    #1 provides instant answers on over a million topics. Using the same trusted content as the site on your PC, this edition has been specially formatted for wireless handheld screens.

    Having a Treo 650 allows you to access the world at the end of the fingertips. Just like Directory Assistant makes it easy to get directions and phone numbers, etc; allows you to quickly get Answers to tons of things.

    It is a very light web page (Similar to that provides anwsers instead of links like google does.

    For example, here is what it says about our beloved Treo 650

    The palmOne Treo 650 is a combination hybrid PDA/cellphone officially announced on October 24, 2004 as the successor to the company's hugely successful Treo 600. It began shipping in November of 2004, and is widely acknowledged as one of the most advanced smart phones on the market today.


    Mobile phone, GSM/GPRS model with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands, CDMA model with 800/1900 MHz bands.
    Intel™ PXA270 312 MHz processor
    23 MB user-available stored non-volatile memory (22 MB multi-lingual)
    Removable rechargeable lithium ion battery
    Palm OS® 5.4
    4.4 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches (11.3 x 5.9 x 2.3 cm)
    6.3 oz. (178 grams)
    16-bit Color 320 x 320 TFT touch-screen display
    Supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCards
    Bluetooth functionality.
    0.3 megapixel (640x480) VGA digital camera with 2x digital zoom and video camera capability

    Documented problems
    After its official launch, problems regarding the unit's new FAT-based nonvolatile file system cropped up for some users. They report much slower loading times, larger file sizes, and difficulty transferring files from their previous PDA platforms. The main source of the difficulties is that the Treo 650 contains the same amount of memory as the Treo 600, but uses a different file system that causes files to take up more space. The advantage of the new file system is that it is non-volatile, so data is not lost even if the unit runs out of charge.

    In response to these issues, palmOne has released a ROM software upgrade (see below), while giving out free 128 MB SD flash cards to Treo 650 users.

    Some users are also reporting problems with the unit's microphone. They claim that voice clarity on the recipient's end of the connection is poor, akin to talking "inside a cardboard box." (koreth, Slashdot). Using bluetooth-enabled wireless headsets seem to be an effective work-around, however.

    On March 22, 2005, palmOne finally posted a firmware upgrade ( for Sprint-branded phones that addresses both of the above issues. An upgrade for smartphones from other carriers has not yet been released.

    See Also
    NVFS File System
    Treo Smartphone Line

    External links
    Official palmOne Treo 650 Homepage (
    Everything you ever need to know about the Treo 650 (
    Review at CNET (
    Slashdot article on file system problem (
    Slashdot article on file system solution (
    Slashdot article on microphone problem (
    Freeware and Shareware downloads for the Treo 650 ( is the blog with daily news, views, links and reviews dedicated to your Treo (

    Searching for a city, will provides facts plus links to weather, local time, etc.

    typing RTFM produces "Read The Frickin' Manual"

    You can even add anwsers for such things like "STFF" "Search The Frickin' Forums" of which I have submitted on behalf of TreoCental Forums.

    Now when you are an outsider to a conversation because you don't know the subject well enough, pull out your Treo 650 and get the anwser from and join in the conversation.

    Any anwser can be found at
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    very cool site check out for mobile version. very cool.
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    I've been using this site for weeks, works great!
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    Will check it out but I also love the SMS to google for basically the same stuff (sounds like anyway) and a SMS is much quicker than internet connection-go to page-enter search stuff-go. But let me experiment a bit more.
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    Coo, thanks for the info.
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    That's quite impressive.

    One of the few non-google new sites.

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