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    Hi Marc,

    I recently purchased Chatter and am having some problems with version 1.05.1 losing my preferences and mailbox settings.

    Chatter is installed in a custom ROM. Yesterday everything was fine, and this morning I added a fastmail account to my IMAP accounts. All was fine and I was getting mail.

    My phone was asleep for a few hours then I turn it on to check Chatter and I get a message pop up saying that I have 27 days left on my Chatter trial. I click ok and find out that both of my email accounts and settings have been erased. I had set up 2 different IMAP accounts and they are now both gone. Chatter keeps thinking it is not registered, however when I pull up the about screen it says it has a reg code.

    Is there a problem with Chatter being in ROM, or is there another factor at play here?

    Your help is much appreciated!

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    Hmmm...seems that a soft reset fixed my issue.

    Whatever works I guess

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    This seems to happen to me once a month or so. I wish I knew what triggered it.

    Sometimes a reset seems to fix it. Yesterday, though, multiple resets didn't help and I ended up entering my registration and mailbox information yet again. (I'm on 1.05.1.)
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    If you start using the latest beta's, I don't think you'll every see that problem again.


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