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    On the tomtom website, there is the release date !!



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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    where do you see that?
    Instead of posting you could go on the website

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    well maybe instead of jumping to conclusions you can go their website as well

    and fyi the link you posted, is no longer valid...the info has been pulled
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    Cool. The integration with the address book would be really nice! I hope there's an upgrade plan for us current Tom Tom users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettore
    Instead of posting you could go on the website
    what a poo poo head
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    The info is still up, but it only show if you pick UK english instead of US english. Also, the maps listed are Europeean only. So it looks like the Europe upgrade is ready to go, but not the USA upgrade quite yet.
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    I believe it's been posted in another thread awhile back that the European version was getting an upgrade that the US version wasn't (yet?).
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    yeah i remember a while ago (i think it was 3 weeks or something) about the EU one being available soon (if not now) and not the US/Canada one
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    Version 5 is out and it says you can update with european or USA maps depending on your first choice.

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    where does it say US. All that I find is UK under map listings.
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    Someone tried going to the UK/Europe upgrade program to get the US maps a while back (nearly 2 weeks ago) and couldn't complete the upgrade because the US maps (although mentioned in the upgrade section as you continue to scroll through) were not an active choice in the upgrade process.

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    so tom tom navigator 5 bluetooth STILL isn't out? whats the latest?

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