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    I want to sync two treo's with the same computer. I understand that you can set up two User IDs and everything is straightforward.

    However I want both Treo's to share the same information. I want my wife and I to have the same calendar and contact numbers. I am guessing if I give the Treos the same User ID everything will be fine. But are there problems I am missing?

    And will having different SD cards in each treo complicate things? Especially with the apps that Zlauncher launches from the SD card.

    Will we able to have different wallpapers? Or will all personalisation have to be the same.

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    You cannot have two user ids the same -- everything will start duplicating as far as contacts and appointments on subsequent Hot Syncs.

    Palm needs to fix this for 2+ Palm relationships or families. (Have a "sync" two Palm PDAs option.)

    You will need to set up and load each unique user id seperately and then "beam" new stuff (appointments, tasks, memos, contacts) to each other.

    Cheers, Perry

    ANYONE -- please correct me, if I am wrong, or if you have a better work around.
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    I understand how things will duplicate if we both start editing the same contacts or Appts but will this only happen rarely.

    This already happens occassionally when you alter something in desktop and on your treo and then sync. If that is the only problem I think its worth doing. Am I missing anything else?

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    My experience with two Tungsten T3s -- was everything duplicated. Indexing becomes different between the two PDAs and all info is then duplicated.

    If you found that it does not, Great!
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    Just saw this in a new thread. . . . . .
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    That is a good find Perry. It does require the users to be using the Palm Desktop though. Understandable but unfortunate since my wife uses it and I use Outlook...


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