From the Yahoo usergroup:
> One other thing - I ran the latest DbScan, which found no errors, and
> it still crashes.

This is a good time to review this problem and the procedure for fixing it.

The problem is always caused by deleted records. Not all deleted records
appear to cause this problem and I have not yet determined exactly what it
is that distinguishes those deleted records on which the DM Patch crashes
and those that do not.

What I can tell you is this: the DataManager patch definitely caused the
problem in the first place, AND it crashes whenever it attempts to access
one of those deleted records. AND if those deleted records are removed, the
problem goes away.

The most common symptoms are:
1) Datebk5 crashes immediately on launch - usually with a DmWrite error
2) Conduit software hangs.

The previous solution was to run dbScan and use the item REMOVE ALL DELETED
RECORDS from the OPTIONS menu. This worked by removing the deleted records
from the traditional PalmSource database.

The problem is that in some cases, the DataManager patch itself crashes as
dbScan attempts to remove the deleted record(!), or worse, on any attempt to
even open the database.

To resolve this, you need to use the latest V-1.9b of dbScan (copy in the
current S1 release zip files). WHen you launch this version, there are three


Tap the [NEITHER] button so that DbScan does not attempt to access either
database (if you press the CURRENT button, the DM patch may crash on opening
the database).

The use the item REMOVE ALL DELETED RECORDS from the OPTIONS menu and you
will then see three buttons:


On a newer PalmOne device, you want to pick [PALMONE] as that will remove
the deleted records directly from the PalmOne proprietary databases
(actually what happens internally is far more complex than that as Datebk5
has to build a separate hidden database that it later substitutes for the
corrupt database).

I have yet to see a case where this approach did not fix the DmWrite errors
coming out of the DM Patch.

Note that dbScan will fix this problem in ALL third party apps accessing the
traditional PalmSource databases, so if you are using Todo+ or a third party
addressbook app, for example and get DmWrite errors, you can use dbScan to
fix the problem.

It's important to know about this because PalmOne apparently has no
intention to fix the unacceptably slow and unstable performance of their
patch code on NVFS devices.

CESD, Pimlico Software, Inc.