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    What is a news reader, where do I get one, and does it require hotsyncing a lot to maintain? For example. I'm an avid Science Fiction fan, and enjoy reading SciFi Wire, the news section of I also have about eight "wireless" sites book marked in my Treo, sprintinfo, mobile burn, phonescoop, etc. I'd like to get a "PDA friendly" version of many of these sites on my phone, really just the info I enjoy. Most of them are accessible, but they take a while. SciFi Wire is a nightmare! Anyway, is a newsreader what I'm looking for? Or Avantgo? I tried that once before, but that was prior to the new release.
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    A newsreader isn't what you're after. A newsreader reads usenet newsgroups. These are similar to mailing lists but the servers are public (or pay-for services). You might find interesting things there, but it wouldn't help with your current issues. You would need to periodically refresh the list of messages you'd collected to stay up to date. Whether that would involve hotsync or downloading over GPRS or such depends entirely on what software you used.

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    It's too bad there is no decent newsreader for Palm OS (one that will let you download attachments).
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    Thinking about this some more - if the sites offer an RSS feed you might be interested in getting an RSS reader for your treo. Sometimes people call RSS readers newsreaders, so maybe that's what you heard about.

    An RSS feed is a way of syndicating content. I'm not sure if this would be a better solution for you. Sometimes RSS only contains subject lines and following the links sends you back to their site. You would still have to collect data regularly even if the feed included full content.

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    Start with AvantGo.

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