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    I got an Orange Treo 650 at the weekend, and I'm pretty happy with it - I've flashed on the 1.23 GSM firmware and loaded up all the apps I used to have on my Tungsten T2, and it all seems pretty stable and happy.

    One thing I've noticed, though - the touchscreen has a certain amount of "give" in it, particularly toward the centre of the screen - when you tap near the centre, you can feel the TS bend slightly before it touches the LCD. There is mich less give around the edges.

    Is anyone else's like this? It doesn't seem to affect how it works - accuracy seems to be fine (or at least, as fine as can be expected with such a blunt stylus!), and I once had a Psion Series 5 with the same sort of behaviour. I'm just wondering if this is fairly common or if I have a rogue 650 - that said, given all the other problems people have mentioned (which I don't seem to have), a slightly bendy touchscreen is one I can live with!


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    never noticed that but i have a sprint 650 and it does the same thing when i press in the middle

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