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    I dont want to have to hotsync apps like versmail and docs to go every hot sync. I tried uing the conduit setup in the hotsync manager but it didnt do anything. what do i do?
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    can you give more info about what happens when you sync? Did you change the conduit setting and then make it a default?
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    I want to be able to not have Stuff like avant go, versamail, and docs to go not sync. I uncheck them in the conduit setup and then hotsync it and they update. Im doing this to to try and shave some time of my syncs.
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    To disable a conduit, you set it to "Do Nothing" in the hotsync manager. This is a ONE TIME setting, however, that will only pertain to your next sync. To turn it off completely, you also need to check the "Set as Default" box.
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    maybe im missing something, when i coduit setup inside the hotsync manager i get a list of all my apps to hotsync. I can check and uncheck them. I see no button or anything that says "set as default". FM 1.21
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    There was a time this occurred to me, it seemed my "set as default" just vanished. I solved this by reinstalling Palm Desktop.
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