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    I've used versamail for months until 2 days ago. Suddenly my treo started rebooting like every 15 minutes. Something about MemoryMgr.c line 3731, NULL handle.
    I googled around a bit and saw references to versamail so I bit the bullet and did a complete hard reset, reinstalled all my apps from scratch and my treo was fine for hours just sitting there. next day i decided to setup my 2 email accounts in versamail so i did that, tested it by downloading my mail then sat the phone down.. then it started rebooting every 10 mins or so again.

    Anyone else having these problems or was it just not my weekend?

    Any decent email program out there that'll read html email?

    Weird part about all this is that I was working fine for months with versamail and I haven't added any apps recently.
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    I had the same problem. Tried everything, including custom rom. No dice. Sprint is exchanging my treo 650 tomorrow. I think something in the rom is corrupted.I got the MMNotify reset about every 10-20 minutes.

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