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    Hey TreoFans,

    I am about to buy a Verizon 650 but I can't determine whether Verizon allows me to browse the web and check email with the 650 right out of the box. I'm a little confused on how VersaMail works. It allows me to sync with Outlook, access an Exchange/Notes server, and check my pop/smtp, or do I have to use Verizon as an additional ISP.

    Do I have to add $40.00 to my existing sky-high monthly in order to check email on my phone?

    Thanks in advance.

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    With a Treo 650 you need a voice plan (phone minutes per month) and a data plan to do the email and web browsing. (My unlimited data plan and Sprint is $15 per month.)

    I have set up 5 different POP VersaMail accounts to access while I am away from my home or work PC (work, home, wife, 2 kids) on my Treo. Just need to know the servers and userid's and passwords. Works great.

    VersaMail is not your Outlook conduit per se. When you install -- you choose to set up the "Palm Desktop" or link to an exisitng Outlook set up on your PC for contacts, tasks, and appointments. Your desktop Outlook email can be set to appear in Versa Mail with either the Palm Desktop choice or the Outlook choice.

    Sprint provided me with a Sprint email account and id as part of the service -- but I am not using it yet, as I have my home and work email set ups.

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    Ohhh, okay. Thanks!!

    So do you ocmpose email on your phone then send it when you sync? This is how it was back when I had a Visor but I'm looking to send and recieve from my pda just like I was on a laptop.

    Wow, only $15 dollars a month? Verizon is a rip-off! I think the data plan is $40 p/mo .
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    Does Verzimail come with the treo?
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    no need to sinc.. you compose and send right from the phone like you would on your laptop..
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    yes versamail comes with the treo preinstalled with sprint but I believe it's on the software cd for verizon..
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.

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