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    Well, I've had the 650 for three weeks now. I've been reading everything here and installing and playing with a slew of apps. I think I've decided on my core apps. Thank God for Uninstall Manager. I've been using the free 128MB card, and just bought a 1 GB Ultra II card.

    I now want to start clean with a hard reset and re-install everything fresh, with Uninstall Manager being first this time. This will also give me some more time on the trial versions I have yet to pay for.

    Do you perfer to install directly to the SD card or move the apps?

    Thanks for your insight.
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    Some apps have an option to install on the SD card, but most don't. Get something like Zlauncher or PowerRun. They both will move apps and related databases to the card and create a shortcut in your launcher.
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    IMO it is better to install to device so that Uninstall Manager can note all the related files, then move it to the card.
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