Hi All,
I have a weird problem in Versamail, using IMAP to connect to Lotus Notes. I have set the Inbox to sync "subjects only". Then I peruse the subject headers, and if I want to read the whole message I click the d/l more icon --- you know how it works.

The strange thing is, that Versamail will d/l the body of a message that does NOT belong with the subject.


Re: your proposal
Please give me a call
Re: presentation
meeting postponed

Now suppose I click on the first message (from john@abc.com) and then I decide to read it all. I click the envelope icon that means I want to d/l the whole thing. Versamail goes ahead, d/l the message --- only the text that it downloads belongs to message nr 4 (from ellis@phillips.nl). So now I am looking at a message of which the header says that it is from John - re proposal, but the body contains the message from ellis re meeting postponed.

I am completely baffled .

Any help appreciated.