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    looking for advice to securely PROTECT data/information.

    I have found several tools to encrypt memo pad info with a comfortable level of security but how does one gain the same level of security for other data e.g. Quicken; spreadsheets; various databases etc etc ?

    Most of the security programs examined so far are fairly readily bypassed either on the Visor or by moving the data to the Desktop

    Of concern is the loss of the Visor and more critically very private information on it.

    Does something comparable to Jetico's desktop Bestcrypt application exist ?

    Is there a generic solution ?

    Advice solicited
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    Sadly, no. This is an issue that Palm is supposed to be working on in OS4, but I've seen nothing substantive regarding their plans for improved security. When wireless connectivity becomes more common place, a thin-client interface to a secure server is probably best anyway.
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    The sync vulnerability of Palm OS devices is no longer theoretical . . .

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