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    Hi folks. I've been struggling, without much repeatable success, to set up a system by which I can reliably sync my 650 with both Outlook (work) and Entourage (home). My problems seem to to center on preservation/misallocation of categories. I'm a fan of the GTD approach, so categories are important to me. Every time I try to sync with Entourage (X, not 2004), it seem to randomly screw with all of my categories. I've tried it where the 650 overrides Entourage the first time, and then to regular syncing, but that doesn't seem to work. I do use the MS-supplied conduit, and haven't tried other commercial solutions (yet).

    I imagine I'm not the only one trying to get this to work. Anyone out there have success with this? Anyone doing it with Entourage 2004 (the project center feature is quite attractive)? TIA.

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    I have heard that Entourage X has sync problems. I use 2004 and it works very will. The only problem I see is that it does not transfer the color code.
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    FWIW, I've since moved to 2004 and lost the sync problems.

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