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    So I have the Bluetooth ,and we know it works with the tre650 but can someone explain to me in simple terms how do I get ANY GPS software and which one works for palm.

    So in short I have
    - Treo 650 GSM

    - Tomtom Bluetooth Receiver

    I need
    - Which Software?

    Thanks, sorry read the bt 650 posts and could not get answer!!!

    Many Thanks dudes/dudettes...


    Treo 600 -> Dell Axim x50v -> Treo 650
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    Tom Tom makes some of the best GPS software out there and since you have a TomTom GPS, that's where I would start. Just download the latest version for the treo650, I think Nav 5 is latest, connect and go. I played around with the Palm version at CES, it was by far the best interface I've seen and the maps were fairly up to date.

    Is there a specific problem you are having or are you just looking for recommendations?
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    That's the thing, I have a GPS receiver and was running and I am still running a Dell Pocket PC OS PDA. Thus can't upgrade as still need my Pocket PC.

    Whats the best for Palm, all I want to know is where do I buy the software from be it Tom Tom Nav 4 or whatever...
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    Also, when I said that the GPS works with Treo, I had read it does, having actually tried to pair it with the treo I can't seem to do it any clues on how I get this done?
    Treo screen asks for two types of pairing car kita nd hot sync, which one to use, I've tried both!!
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    If you check the license agreement with your TomTom software, I'm fairly certain you have install rights for 2 devices. So I think you can install on both PPC and Palm under the agreement.

    Wish I could help on the pairing, I just remembered that it worked, I don't remember what we did to make it connect.

    I think DrDoom is using a TomTom receiver with his 650, try looking a few threads down on the main page for his responses. You might wanna consolidate with that thread for more responses.
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    Thanks jberger. Will do...but looks like all on hold till I get back from Frankfurt business trip...


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